Bling Jewelry Charm Beads

I’ve been wanting to do a review on Bling Jewelry’s charm beads for a while. Now that I have a few of their beads, I feel like I can write a proper review. I first discovered them on Amazon when I was looking for midi rings, but soon found that they have charm beads as well. I went to their website where they have an even larger selection. The company is based in the US.

So far, I’ve made a few purchases from their site which includes:

  • two Moonstone spacers
  • Fortunate Kitty
  • Magic Unicorn
  • Precious Portobello

All of their beads are Pandora-compatible so you can pop ’em onto any of your European-style charm bracelets.

Bling Jewelry with Pandora

Bling Jewelry with Pandora

The beads are well-made and very polished. The one criticism I have is that the beads feel light which indicates to me that they don’t use very much silver. But despite that, they certain don’t look cheap. In terms of size, they’re very similar to Pandora and other popular brands.

I find the beads to be really cute. As you browse through the site, you’ll see that some of the beads have live images while others only show stock images. Personally, I think they should offer live images for all the beads since that really helps me as an online shopper. If you’ve read my blog, then you’ll know my thoughts on stock images (i.e., they usually suck).

Here are some of my pictures to help you see what the beads really look like (click to enlarge):

I missed out on the Pandora moonstone spacers since they retired when I had just started collecting beads. Remember when Pandora used genuine stones instead of CZs? Those days are long gone… Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the Bling Jewelry Moonstone spacers. In the stock images, the stones appear to be bluish, but in person they’re more of a pale milky color. I don’t mind that though, since the spacers are more versatile that way.

I really wanted some cheerful beads to wear with my Ohm Beads Rainbowed. I was looking specifically for a unicorn and I couldn’t have found a cuter one than the Bling version. I also bought the Precious Portobello because it reminds me of Super Mario Bros. It has red enamel and CZ accents on it. I wish they had a version with green accents too, haha.

Another bead with red accents is the Fortunate Kitty, which is Bling’s version of the maneki-neko (a.k.a. Japanese lucky cat). I love this cat because he’s smiling and has both front paws up. It has the Chinese character “fu” (which means fortune) upside-down which actually bears a special meaning. (Google it if you’re curious!)

Shipping from the US to Canada was pretty fast and I haven’t had any issues with purchasing. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be ordering from Bling Jewelry again in the near future. They have so many things that I like!

If you’re looking for a discount, go to Bling Jewelry and sign up for their newsletter to get a 10% off code. Also, follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date on when they’re running promos.

— T


Ohm Beads Rainbowed (LE)

This week, I received my first Ohm Beads glass bead in the mail. I ordered the limited edition Ohm Beads Rainbowed at Diamonds4ever since they were one of the few online shops to offer live images of individual beads. After looking through the live images, like 1,000 times, I chose the bead that I think has the best rainbow.

This is my first barrel shaped glass and I *LOVE* it so much.  That rainbow and its fluffy little cloud are so perfectly wrapped in the glass!

I follow a number of loyal Ohm Beads fans on my Instagram and I’m so happy that they shared pictures of their Rainbowed bead. It was interesting to see how varied the glass can be — some have very straight bands of color, some have more red, some have a bigger cloud, etc. But in the end, I didn’t see a single one that I didn’t like.

Previously, I was on the fence about the barrel shaped glass because I don’t have a store near me that has Ohm Beads so I can’t see the beads in person before buying.  Also, I wasn’t sure if I would like the look of the barrel shapes next to the typical rondelle shapes that I’m used to. Now that I’ve played with Rainbowed for a few days, I’ve found that it looks great when worn as a focal bead with my other glass beads!

It took me a while to finally cave and order the bead, haha. However, I did my research to ensure I would be happy with the purchase. It was reassuring to buy based on live images and also seeing other people’s Rainbowed pictures.

The bead core is the same size on both sides. It’s also not threaded (yay!) and will fit on Pandora bracelets (also yay).

I have a strong feeling that I will be buying another barrel shaped glass bead soon… Which one will I choose? ;-)


Persona Flexi Bangle

As a collector of modular charm/bead jewelry, I have accumulated a decent number of bracelets and bangles over the past few years. While bracelets are great, I have to say that I prefer bangles. Bangles are easy to assemble, easy to put on, and most of them don’t require clips and safety chains like bracelets do.

My favorite bangle is the Persona Flexi Bangle which I’ve owned for about 3 years. It comes with two silicone lined stoppers and has one ball end that twists off so you can put beads on it.

Flexi Bangle ball end

Flexi Bangle ball end

Why is this one my favorite out of all the charm bangles out there? Here are a few reasons why:

1. As the name suggests, the bangle is flexible so you can adjust it to fit your wrist. As someone with small wrists, most bangles don’t fit me very well. The Flexi Bangle, however, is perfect for me.

Persona Flexi Bangle (adjusted to fit)

Persona Flexi Bangle (adjusted to fit)

2. You can put Trollbeads on it, which means that beads from most other brands will also fit on it. (Note that Pandora Essence and Thomas Sabo Karma Beads will NOT fit on this bangle.)

Flexi Bangle with Trollbead

Flexi Bangle with Trollbead

3. You can style the Flexi Bangle in different ways. Wear it with beads in the center or with beads on the cuff ends.

4. I’ve found that the Persona bangle doesn’t flip around on my wrist and its stoppers do a good job of keeping the beads on display at the top of the wrist. It’s unlike the Trollbeads bangle which sometimes pinches my wrist as it moves around or the Pandora bangle which tends to flip all the beads towards the inside of my wrist.

Trollbeads, Pandora, and Persona bangles

Trollbeads, Pandora, and Persona bangles

I personally think that if you’re looking for a charm bangle that’s the most versatile, then you should consider the Persona Flexi Bangle. At least try it on at the store. They can be found at Zales or Peoples Jewellers.

I love this bangle and I wish they would make other variations such as a rose gold one or one with texture. You can never have too many, right? Haha…  By the way, I’ve also been looking at the Redbalifrog Twirl Bangle and the Ohm Beads Dirty Twisted Bangle… Somebody stop me.

Which one is your favorite?


Persona Summer Sale

The Persona summer sale is on right now and the deals are phenomenal. For a limited time, you can save up to 70% on a selection of beads when you order from their website — (US) or (Canada).


Persona summer sale

I did spot a number of beads that I want from the sale, but I *tried* to be disciplined about my spending. I ordered four beads; two for me and two for a friend. Here are the two that I ordered for myself:


Persona Dim Sum and Nigiri Sushi

Another thing I want to mention is that Peoples Jewellers or Zales carries the Persona line as well. While they don’t run the same promos as the Persona website, they often have retired/retiring beads on sale so they’re worth checking out. For example, I recently bought ‘Pawsitively Love’ for 50% off at Peoples Jewellers while it’s still full price on the Persona website.


‘Pawsitively Love’ – so darned cute!

I’ve had people ask if Persona’s beads will fit on their Pandora bracelets and the answer is yes. :) The beads are very similar to Pandora beads in terms of size and quality, and the cores aren’t threaded. I love how the brand isn’t predictable and they have some fun, unusual beads like this poop emoji bead (LOL):


Poop Emoji

To conclude and if it’s not obvious enough already, I really like Persona and I’m happy to recommend the brand to others. On my Instagram, I follow a number of people who also have Persona beads and they also say positive things about the brand.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Persona. :)

— T

Halia by Metalsmiths Sterling™

Today’s post is a review of Halia Beads by Metalsmiths Sterling™.

Metalsmiths Sterling are a Canadian company with stores across North America. They have a wide range of jewelry for all genders, but the collection that I’m most interested in is their European style charm beads named Halia Beads.

Halia Beads are made of sterling silver and feature large non-threaded cores which makes them compatible with Pandora and other similar brands. The beads are really cute and mostly represent hobbies and interests. I have to say that the stock images on the Metalsmiths website really don’t do the beads justice as they are significantly better in person.

Right now, the beads are all $15 (CAD) each. They’re very affordable and very well-made so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Here are a few of my favorites:


Mojito on the Beach, Time for Change, Pharaoh's Mask, Travelin' Van, and Pineapple

Mojito on the Beach, Time for Change, Pharaoh’s Mask, Travelin’ Van, and Pineapple

I hope these live images allow you to see that these beads truly are fantastic. Honestly, I don’t know why some brands show ugly stock images on their sites. I hate to think that those photos were taken and then heavily edited by “professionals”, and that’s how they ended up looking hilariously crappy. :-O

Let me know in the comments what you think about these beads or if you have any questions!

— T

Soufeel Murano Glass

(UPDATED July 30, 2017 – New images to show silver cores.)

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Soufeel Murano Glass Bead via Amazon during their Prime Day event. This is the third time that I’ve purchased from Soufeel and the brand continues to impress me with the quality and prettiness of their beads. I chose the Light Purple Frazil Murano Glass and I couldn’t be more happy with what I received.

The bead came in a cute box with “Soufeel” on it.



Soufeel’s glass beads are very comparable to popular brands, but are about half the price of Pandora. Personally, I really like how you can easily wear their glass beads with brands like Pandora and Chamilia since they’re pretty much the same size so nothing appears out of place when you wear a mix of the different brands on a bracelet. Soufeel’s beads aren’t threaded so they can easily fit on any European charm bracelet.

I’ve provided some images below to show the Soufeel murano glass beads that I own and how they compare to glass beads from other brands.

Bottom row (left to right): beads from Fenton Glass Jewelry, Pandora, Chamilia, and Trollbeads

Bottom row (left to right): beads from Fenton Glass Jewelry, Pandora, Chamilia, and Trollbeads


Core comparison: Soufeel Lilac Flower vs. Pandora Mint Glitter


Core comparison: Soufeel Light Purple Frazil vs. Pandora Periwinkle Stars (retired)

I hope the brand comparison images are helpful! Otherwise, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or would like to see more images. :)

— T

Chamilia 2016 Black Friday Promos

Chamilia Black Friday 2016

Good news, everyone! Chamilia is starting their Black Friday sale early! From now until November 25th, enjoy up to 50% off on select items on the official Chamilia website. I’ve browsed through the selection twice and I found lots of charms that I wanted. I tried to be disciplined though and only bought three charms.** :)

There are two other deals also worth mentioning. The first being the Murano Mania deal in which the more Murano glass charms you buy, the more you save. Not all of their Murano charms qualify for this promo, so be sure to only choose from the Murano Mania section of the website.

The second deal is the 2016 Black Friday Bracelet set which includes one 19cm Oval Snap Bracelet and one Splendor Charm. I totally would have snapped this one up if only the bracelet was in my size. This set is offered at a special price of $100 CAD and valued at $155. I think this would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

2016 Black Friday Bracelet (courtesy of Chamilia)


I think a lot of the 50% off charms will sell out quickly, so I recommend checking out the website as soon as you get a chance ( I’m curious as to what you think of the deals and whether or not you will be taking advantage of these Black Friday offers, so please comment below!

(**The charms that I purchased are Mouse King, Be Merry (Green Murano Glass), and Snowy Pinecone — I can’t wait to add them to my Chamilia Xmas bracelet!)