My Chamilia Collection

I started collecting European-style charms back in January of this year. The first bracelet that I bought was a Pandora, but I quickly discovered Chamilia soon afterwards. I find that Chamilia makes prettier charms and the majority of their charms are more affordable. They often have decent promotions on new products and discounts on retired charms so that’s always nice. :) You’ll also find Swarovski Chamilia collection at some Swarovski flagship stores as well.

While Chamilia charms all have the “CHAM” maker’s mark, the Swarovski Chamilia line includes both the “CHAM” and the Swarovski Swan logo.

IMG_9682 IMG_9681

I’m fortunate enough to have a Swarovski outlet store in my city that sells retired Swarovski Chamilia products at a discounted price. I even picked up my Chamilia Silver Snap charm bracelet at the outlet store at 50% off. Pretty sweet, right? :) Aside from the Silver Snap, I also have a White Metallic Braided Leather Bracelet and an Ebony Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet.

Since January, I have collected enough charms to make one full bracelet. Most of the charms I bought during promotions or from the outlet store, and some of them were given to me as gifts. I often don’t wear my bracelets full as I find that it gets quite heavy and feels a bit uncomfortable on my wrists. Usually, I’ll only wear about 5 or 6 charms on a bracelet as I found that that’s what I’m most comfortable with.

This is a picture of what my full bracelet looks like:


Here are three of my favorites — Open Heart, Floppy, and Love is Sweet:


…and here’s one more picture:


Do you have any Chamilia products? How do you think they compare to other European-style jewelry brands?


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