My Trollbeads Purchases from July

The first half of last month was excellent for Trollbeads’ fans with the Collector’s Dream Sale which offered 25% off on a large selection of beads.

To take advantage of this rare and awesome promotion, here’s what I picked up last month:

Blooming Sakura

I’ve been adding more blue into my wardrobe lately so I began looking for a blue bead. I had seen a picture of the Blooming Sakura bead on Pinterest and fell in love with it immediately. This bead was part of the World Tour release and represents Japan. In 2011, myself and four friends had booked a vacation to Japan. Unfortunately, right after we booked our flights and hotel, the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami occurred, thus prompting the cancellation of our trip. We got all our money back in the end and went to Hawaii instead which was AMAZEBALLS, but I still have yet to make future plans for a Japan trip. I bought the Blooming Sakura for its beauty and to remind myself that I still need to go visit Japan one day.


Mountain Crystal

The Mountain Crystal is also part of the World Tour collection and represents Switzerland. I have quite a number of very colorful beads and need some more neutral colors to create some balance in my bracelet designs. Initially, I ordered two Mountain Crystals. One of them had many inclusions inside the bead and was thus very sparkly. When light enters the bead at the right angles, it’s like you can see little rainbows inside the bead. Sadly, my second Mountain Crystal was very dull in comparison and hardly had any inclusions.

Thankfully, the amazing folks at Trollbeads Akron were sweet and awesome enough to allow me to exchange the dull bead for a different bead. They were so nice and I’ll definitely buy from them again. Not surprisingly, they are a diamond level dealer and come highly recommended by many Trollbeads fans.

IMG_9825 IMG_9827


I felt the need to get some sort of keepsake to commemorate my upcoming trip to Amsterdam in September. The Orange bead was also part of the World Tour collection and represents The Netherlands. I love the vibrant orange color of this bead and the gold/copper flecks inside.



Although I live in a gorgeous and busy city surrounded by mountains, I’ve always craved the ocean. I’ve always found myself naturally drawn to beaches and anything nautical, and this yearning often influences my vacation destination choices. I knew I had to get the Seahorses bead to join my Jewel Fairy Basslet and Faith Hope & Charity beads.


Hope you were also able to advantage of the sale last month! Which pieces did you pick up?


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