Trollbeads – In Your Heart

Last year, Trollbeads released the In Your Heart pendant as part of the Christmas 2013 collection. I recently got my hands on one through a retailer in the US and I am absolutely in love with it. Today, I am sharing my thoughts on this lovely piece.


First of all, the IYH is quite thick and has a nice weight to it. You can see just how substantial it is in the image below.


At first glance, the IYH’s design appears to be rather simple. However, its simplicity is what makes it very versatile. This chunky piece is meant to be worn with a Trollbeads glass bead in the center, which is a great way to draw attention to any one of your favorite beads.


Although the IYH pendant is designed to be worn on a Trollbeads Fantasy necklace, it actually looks great on a Trollbeads bracelet too. I am sure that all you fellow Trollies and creative-types out there can come up with a few beautiful and interesting combinations to show off this piece. Since green is my favorite color, I personally love showcasing the Trollbeads Light Green Flower bead in the center of the IYH pendant.


Currently, you can purchase IYH on its own or get the Summer Love Fantasy Necklace set at a special price which includes the IYH, Pink Desert bead, and Pearl Fantasy necklace.


Do you have the Trollbeads In Your Heart pendant? How do you like to wear it?


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