Links of London Bracelet + Charm

I am currently taking a bit of time off, but also super excited to be starting my new job next week! Each time I take on a new position, I will buy myself something nice as a reminder of how I got to where I am today. To celebrate my career advancement this time, I spoiled myself with a treat from UK-based luxury brand, Links of London.

My friend A owns the gorgeous Sweetie XS bracelet which I had been admiring for a while now. Links is well-known for their Sweetie line, but I was also curious about the other lines. After hitting up the local Holt Renfrew store and feeling a tad intimidated by the overly attentive sales people, I went home to check out the Links website instead. At the time, there was an amazing VIP sale which offered 60% off on a decent selection of items. I joined their mailing list which gave me an extra 15% off and my order qualified for free shipping as well, so I ended up getting a really good deal.

When the package arrived, I was surprised by how HUGE the box was considering that I only purchased two small pieces of jewelry. Once I opened the box, I found the branded shopping bag inside along with two small oval boxes containing my bracelet and charm.


I chose the Love Note multi-strand bracelet which is quite different from the Sweetie bracelets. This bracelet was part of the sale and I like it because it commands attention on its own, but also gives you the option of adding charms on the two heart-shaped hinged clasps.


I also bought the Globe charm to take further advantage of the sale. I imagine you could probably wear two charms (or three mini charms) on each of the hinged clasps on the multi-strand bracelet.


I love how polished and striking my bracelet looks. I am meeting my friend A for coffee later this week and can’t wait to show her my shiny new bracelet.


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