Review: Chamilia Love You To Death – Skull Bead

Two months ago, I received some birthday money which I promptly used to buy a few pretty things. ;) One of those treats included the Chamilia Love You To Death (a.k.a. Skull) bead.


Often, I find that skull designs used in jewelry to be a bit gaudy, but this Chamilia Skull is actually quite lovely. The Skull’s eyes and nose are heart-shaped cutouts and the teeth are made up of clear Swarovski crystals which gives the bead just the right amount of bling. As per usual, Chamilia never ceases to amaze me with their range of charm jewelry designs that appeal to a wide customer base.

(Shown below from left to right: Heart Filigree, Loving Angel Wings, and Love You To Death.)


I love using the Skull bead in my bracelet designs as it goes well with a lot of beads. I also find that it looks really cool on a necklace too. Right now, this bead is my favorite from Chamilia.


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