Thomas Sabo Valentine’s Day Set 2015

From now until February 14th, Thomas Sabo is offering a promotion for a limited edition rose quartz heart bead that is free when you purchase a Karma Bead bracelet.


I am a huge fan of semi-precious gemstones and rose quartz is one of my favorites. When I saw this promotion at the store yesterday, I simply could not resist. I just love the heart shape of this bead and how the stone gives off a beautiful soft pink glow.

This Valentine’s Day Set is currently available in stores and on the Thomas Sabo website. Their newly launched Spring/Summer 2015 collection is definitely worth checking out too. I’m already adding the Hot Pink Bamboo Coral and White Jade Beads to my wishlist. Heehee…

3 thoughts on “Thomas Sabo Valentine’s Day Set 2015

  1. Michele says:

    Thomas Sabo bring back this beautiful rose quartz Heart as so many customers request. I got one and silver Infinity and get a free Infinity bead. Thomas Sabo has buy 2 get 1 free until 30th March. I love Karma line since last May free bracelet promotion, I got two bracelets. I am collecting semi precious stone, silver and rose gold bead to put inside Karma jewelry, very beautiful. Sales manager showed me the summer collection catalog, there will be many silver animal bead, dolphin, chick, turtle, … enemal strawberry, sunflower.


    • Tia says:

      Yeah, I’m really pleased that they brought back the rose quartz heart too! I also took advantage of the current buy 2 get 1 free offer. I might go back for more beads before the end of the month, LOL. Ooh, thanks for telling me about the summer collection and thanks for visiting my blog! ^_^


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