My Gemstone Beads From Artbeads

In my previous review of Artbeads, I covered the Swarovski BeCharmed Collection. Today, I’m going to talk about their large-hole gemstone beads which are compatible with European-style charm bracelets.


If you are like me and you love semi-precious stones, then you are going to really enjoy wearing these beads. I personally like wearing these beads on my Trollbeads bracelet.

The thing I love about gemstones is that they each bear their own significance/meaning and are believed to have different healing properties. Each piece is unique as they are naturally occurring; it’s almost like they have their own personalities. I find the study of gemstones to be very intriguing.

The 4mm holes in these beads are partially lined with sterling silver grommets. I know some people would prefer the beads to be fully lined as there is concern that the grommets will detach from the stone over time, but I haven’t experienced that issue thus far. The pricing of these beads is rather decent, ranging from about $4-16 USD. Artbeads often has promos, so you could pick up some beads at even lower prices.

Anyway, do check out these lovely beads when you get a chance!


(Shown above from left to right: green aventurine, blue goldstone, faceted black onyx, and rose quartz. My favorite is the black onyx.)

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