My Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

A few weeks ago, I impulsively bought something from Thomas Sabo: the limited edition Karma Beads Valentine’s Day set which I’ve reviewed here. Since then, I’ve also bought a couple of beads and I’m already thinking about getting more. Somebody stop me!!! :-P

Last year, I bought the waxed cotton bracelet in red. Initially, I just bought it on its own and didn’t plan to wear beads on it, but then I changed my mind rather quickly about that. I’ve worn mine quite often and it’s still holding up pretty well! The waxed cotton bracelet is currently available in red and black.

I want to share my two cents on the Karma Beads collection. If you’ve been considering this line from Thomas Sabo, hopefully I can help you make up your mind. :)


The bracelet

The sterling silver bracelet is composed of a hardy box chain with a large round clip clasp. I must say I really love the edgy design of the clasp:


If you don’t like bracelets, you have the option of getting the necklace instead which looks exactly like the bracelet, just on a longer chain. The bracelet and necklace are available in two finishes: the polished finish or the blackened (oxidized) finish.

When I chose my bracelet, the associate showed me some combinations to help me decide which finish to choose. He told me that if I intend to buy yellow or rose gold beads, then the polished finish would be a better choice as the blackened finish does not complement the color of yellow or rose gold. I took his advice and chose the polished finish even though I have yet to buy any gold Karma Beads, but I like leaving that option open.

TS has a recurring promotion in which you get a free stone bead when you purchase the bracelet or necklace, which is not bad since the cost of a stone bead is $24.50 USD.

The beads

The beads are the reason why I chose Karma Beads over Pandora Essence. While the beads range in price from $24.50 to $194 USD, most of the stone beads are quite affordable. The pricier beads tend to be the gold ones that are covered in cubic zirconia. Lucky for me, I don’t love CZ enough to spend over $100 on a single bead so I think I’m safe. :)

Most of the stone beads are faceted which gives them a hint of sparkle. Each stone has its own meaning which you can read more about on the TS website. I didn’t really go for meaning when selecting my beads. I’ve always wanted a yellow bead so I chose two other beads that would complement the yellow. Right now, I have on my silver bracelet the rose quartz, yellow aventurine, and white jade beads. I want to eventually get a silver bead and the hot pink bamboo coral too.

IMG_4472 IMG_4471

The accessories

The Karma Beads collection offers a great selection of accessories. As the beads can freely slide around the bracelet, it is highly recommended to purchase some stoppers and/or the safety chain to prevent your beads from falling off when you take off your bracelet. The stoppers are very affordable at $9 to $11.50 USD each while the safety chain is $31 USD.


So, what do you think of Thomas Sabo Karma Beads? Do you have any Karma Beads or plan to check out this line soon? :)

IMG_4493 (P.S. You can wear Trollbeads on a Karma bracelet!)

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