My first Ohm bead! (Review: Ohm Beads Typewriter)


I’ve been hearing about the Ohm Beads brand for a while, but only decided to make a purchase from them a couple of weeks ago. I only bought one bead, but I’m wishing for more already. Typical… I know. ;-)

Since writing is both my hobby and profession, I was naturally drawn to this typewriter bead when I initially browsed through the Ohm Beads website:

I thought I would share my thoughts on this adorable, spunky bead that truly represents one of my passions in life. :)


The design

If you like jewelry that is original/whimsical/quirky/unique, then Ohm is definitely for you. I find that a lot of other charm jewelry brands don’t have a whole lot of beads that truly represent who I am and the things that tickle my fancy. It was pretty exciting to see that Ohm has plenty of beads that really capture your passions and can tell your story.  They have a very impressive collection and it is easy to adore their wide range of designs.


In comparison to the more well-known charm jewelry brands, I think that Ohm is a bit more affordable. I would even say that their products are quite reasonably priced considering the quality and amount of detail, which leads to my next point…


As a writer, I’m all for details! Here are pictures of the side and back of the Typewriter bead just to show you how fabulously detailed it is:

Bead, side view

Bead, side view


Bead, back view


I don’t have an Ohm bracelet or bangle yet, so I can only comment on the bead that I have. The bead has a large hole that is not threaded inside, thus making it compatible with most other brands. The oxidized look of the bead also mingles well with other brands such as Trollbeads and Pandora.


As there isn’t a retailer near me that sells Ohm, I made my purchase online. If you are wondering why it took me so long to join the Ohm club, it’s because I find it hard to decide if I should buy something simply judging by its pictures and not being able to see the real thing. Ultimately, that didn’t stop me from taking the plunge anyways.

For Canadian folks like myself, we can easily purchase from I’m not sure when this offer will expire, but at the moment, you get free shipping to Canada if you order from this site.

Additional comments

This may not seem like a big deal for some people, but I thought it was quite lovely that my order came with a small complimentary polishing cloth. How did they know that I’m in need of new polishing cloths!? ;-)



To conclude, I think it goes without saying that I definitely recommend Ohm to anyone who is looking for charm jewelry that is fun and has a very diverse collection. They probably have a charm that represents pretty much any hobby or interest that you can think of. My Typewriter bead bears a lot of significance to me and that’s what makes it extra special.

I think the next bead that I have to get is Player 1 – the perfect bead to represent my love for video games.

*This image is the property of Ohmbeads*

*This image is the property of Ohm Beads*

Have you checked out this brand? What are your thoughts on their products?

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