How to Wear a Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace

I’ve already reviewed the Trollbeads Fantasy Pearl necklace in a previous post, but I’ve been playing with the necklace a lot since that post so here are some designs that I would like to showcase. :)

Hinged collar style:
I added a bit of length to my Fantasy necklace by adding a lock to my design.


Hinged collar

Lariat style:
In the image below, I simply wrapped the necklace around my neck and pulled the pearl and beads through the other end.



Alternatively, you could add a lock to the other end and use a stopper to hold the lock in place.


Lariat with lock and stopper

Choker style:
I used the Origami bead to “split” the necklace and then fastened it with a lock at the ends.


Fantasy Necklace with Origami bead

Extended style:
I made my Fantasy necklace super long by attaching a lock and bracelet. Imagine all the beads you could incorporate with this design!


How do you wear your Fantasy necklace? :)

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