Thomas Sabo Summer Sale (until July 12, 2015)

Good news, everyone! Thomas Sabo is having their Summer Sale on discontinued items right now to make room for the upcoming Autumn/WInter 2015 release!

There’s a great selection of sale items including rings, charms, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and (my favorite) Karma Beads. The selection in stores is even better than what’s on their website, so I recommended hitting up your local retailer when you have a chance. I’ve already purchased two Karma Beads from this sweet sale.


I visited my local store yesterday and the sales associate informed me that we’ll be seeing new Karma Beads in a few weeks. She mentioned there’ll be a fox bead and some Halloween-themed beads as well. She wasn’t able to show me any pictures, but I’m really excited about the upcoming release. I can’t wait! :D

Until then, I’m admiring what I have on my Karma bracelet right now:


Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!


One thought on “Thomas Sabo Summer Sale (until July 12, 2015)

  1. Michele says:

    I just started Thomas Sabo Karma bead collection, spend Can $250 get 2 free bracelet. I have 2 White jade, 2 Rose quartz, 1 silver Clover Rose quartz as a focus bead, 2 silver Love. I am glad that I don’t have Pandora Essence. I like semi precious stone bead like you.Thomas Sabo has a Karma Fine Jewelry exclusive line in their flagship shop, oh! beautiful but expensive. I like the Aquarmarine, Silver Lotus with stone bead. They are coming to Toronto soon, I have to save bead budget for it. I start to collect Pandora since March, only like the silver Moment line flower & heart theme. Now Thomas Sabo Karma line. I am not into other brand yet, just want to keep this 2 brand only, it is enough for me to spend already.


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