Review: Trollbeads Copper Bangle

***Updated Sep/13/2015 – Information about storing the copper bangle*** 

A few months ago, I first saw sneak peek images of the Trollbeads Copper Bangle on Endangered Trolls. I knew I had to get this bangle; it was only a matter of time. I have always admired the Trollbeads Silver Bangle, but was hesitant about purchasing it due to its price point. The copper version, however, is much more affordable and also looks absolutely stunning.

Last week, I finally picked up my copper bangle and two copper stoppers from my local Trollbeads retailer. In this blog post, I will discuss my experience with this bangle thus far.

First of all, and probably the most important point, the copper bangle looks so beautiful, classic, and yet contemporary (if that even makes sense). The look really appeals to me as copper reminds me of rose gold, which I love.

I’ve heard from quite a few Troll fans (or “Trollies”) that the copper bangle makes their skin turn green. I guess I’m one of the lucky people who don’t experience any skin reactions from wearing copper or any other metal. In the past, I have heard of people coating their copper jewelry with a clear industrial strength lacquer, but I don’t know how well that would work with the Troll copper bangle and my guess is that Trollbeads would not recommend using that method to prevent skin reactions or tarnishing. The copper bangle is expected to tarnish, but how quickly it tarnishes depends on a number of factors such as humidity, how it responds to your body chemistry, and how it’s stored when it’s not worn.

I’ve been wearing my bangle almost everyday since I got it and it’s still very shiny. When I take it off at night, I store it in a sealed plastic bag as recommended by Trollbeads.
***Sep/13/2015 UPDATE: I personally find that the copper bangle is best maintained when stored in a Pandora anti-tarnish pouch or an equivalent. Every two weeks or so, I clean my bangle with a polishing cloth.



So far, I’m finding it really comfortable to wear. It’s super easy to swap beads on this bangle, which I really appreciate when I’m trying to quickly get ready to leave the house but still want to put on some jewelry. I like how hassle-free it is compared to a lot of other charm jewelry that are threaded and can be tedious to assemble.

This bangle is compatible with most major brands as well, such as Pandora and Chamilia.

chamilia sea foam

Chamilia Sea Foam


Pandora Rose Sparkle of Love









And of course, it looks fantastic with all Trollbeads and also without any beads.

no beads

no beads


pink petals

faceted aurora and narcissus of december

faceted aurora and narcissus of december

grandma's favorite, sea anemone, moonlight bubbles

grandma’s favorite, sea anemone, moonlight bubbles


white paper fold, LE amsterdam townhouse, world tour swiss mountain crystal, tower (retired), white bubbles

heart print and hydrangea

heart print and hydrangea

There are so many ways to style the copper bangle. I personally think it looks beautiful with every bead and is particularly outstanding with white, pink, or purple. On this bangle, I usually just wear one bead if I’m feeling lazy (which happens more often than not) and I’ll wear up to 5 beads at most before it starts to feel clunky for me.

The copper bangle retails for $69 USD while the copper stopper is $11 USD each. I wonder if Trollbeads will offer a promotion at some point similar to what they do for the silver bangle (i.e., purchase a bangle and receive two free stoppers and/or $34 bead). Still, the price makes this bangle a much more attractive option than the silver and gold bangles, although I still want to get the silver bangle one day. ;-)

Your comments are always welcome here. Do you have this bangle? How do you like to style it?


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