Pandora Free Leather Bracelet Promo

Today’s post is about the Pandora Free Leather Bracelet Promo and also my love-hate relationship with Pandora.


The leather bracelet promo for this year runs from June 9 to 19 in North America. Spend $125 (CAD) and you can choose any leather bracelet for free or upgrade to a silver bracelet for an extra $25. (NOTE: If you want to get a silver bracelet or bangle for free, I recommend that you wait for the September promotion where you won’t have to pay extra for the upgrade.)

I got the Forest Fairy, Signature Scent, and (the soon-to-be retired) Autumn Bliss to qualify for a free Honeysuckle Pink LE double leather. At first, I liked the Light Blue LE double leather more, but sadly, it doesn’t look good with my skin tone.


To be honest, I think I’m mostly going to wear my new bracelet without charms. With the double and triple leather bracelets, I have to admit I don’t particularly love the way that charms hang on them; the charms move around a lot and tend to shift to one side. If I wear charms on the leather, I would definitely use rubber o-rings (which can be easily purchased on eBay) to keep the charms in place and to prevent them from falling off the bracelet when I take it off. Alternatively, I could use clips to hold the charms in place, but I don’t have that many clips. Sometimes, I feel like Pandora really doesn’t have the customer in mind when they design jewelry. I often feel like I have to find workarounds to make their jewelry wearable.

I got my first charm bracelet from my guy back in Xmas 2013 – it was a Pandora barrel clasp silver bracelet with two charms. At first, I was absolutely obsessed with the brand. But now, fast forward to 2016, I find myself not buying much Pandora these days as their newer styles and pricing don’t resonate with me. The only time I’m ever tempted to buy anything from them is during a promotion or when I find discounted/retired charms from I’m also not a fan of the concept stores in my city as I’ve had a few negative experiences with them. If I want to see Pandora, I go to the shop-in-shops instead as I find them much friendlier and helpful.

Did you participate in this year’s free leather bracelet promo? Which color did you choose?

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