My first Soufeel purchase

first Soufeel beads

Hello all!

Today’s post is a review of two Soufeel charms that I purchased recently.

First of all, Soufeel is a brand that I’ve been quite interested in for a while. Initially, I was hesitant about trying out this brand because there’s always some level of risk involved when purchasing things online and I’ve seen some mixed reviews about the brand which left me feeling a little on-the-fence about them. After thinking about it for a while, I spent some birthday money I received back in September towards two charms: ‘Sea Turtle’ and ‘Lilac Flower Murano Glass’.

Some of my Instagram followers pointed out that this ‘Sea Turtle’ looks an awful lot like the Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Tortoise and I have to say that I don’t disagree. Although, the Soufeel one appears to be rounder and is more of a peridot green as opposed to the Thomas Sabo version which is olive green. (Click the images below to see close-up shots of the Soufeel Sea Turtle.)

img_20161104_182916  img_20161104_182830 img_20161104_182848

The Sea Turtle is really cute and very detailed. My favorite part of the charm is the underside; just look at the adorable little feet!

Since I love muranos, I just had to order one of murano glass charms as well.


In the image above, you’ll see my picture on the left and the stock image on the right (courtesy of I must admit that when I ordered this charm, I was expecting it to be more purple (as it is called ‘Lilac Flower Murano’ after all). However, the actual charm that I received is more of a baby blue instead. While I’m a tad disappointed that the charm isn’t the color I was hoping for, I still think it’s very pretty.

This Soufeel murano glass is very comparable to Pandora in terms of size, weight, and style — even the silver core looks very similar to that of a Pandora murano glass.


To conclude, I would say that I’ll most likely buy from Soufeel again as they have a lot charms and some stacking rings that I’m quite interested in. They have daily deals and other promotions all the time and they are worth checking out. The prices are reasonable and free shipping is available for purchases of $59 (CAD) or over. My only concern with buying from their website is that the stock images may not always show the true color or fine details of the charms.

Do you have any Soufeel charms? What are your thoughts about the brand?


7 thoughts on “My first Soufeel purchase

    • Tia says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Martha!! I think Soufeel are worth a try as they do have some really cute beads which aren’t super pricey. I already have many of their beads on my wishlist, haha… 😁

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  1. Mora Pandora says:

    This was an interesting read, thanks! A couple of people I know have tried Soufeel and been quite happy with the beads they’ve been sent. The difference between that murano’s stock image and the actual charm you were sent is quite significant, though, so I’d maybe be wary about trying murano glass from them.

    P.S. Thanks for the link in your blog roll! I’ve added you into mine, it needed updating :)


    • Tia says:

      Thanks Ellie!
      It’s definitely a little disconcerting when the difference in color is quite noticeable. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the charms though.

      I love your blog and read every one of your posts! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll as well! ❤


  2. cherlang says:

    Tia, did you contact Soufeel about the difference in the murano you received? The one you received is indeed pretty but looks nothing like their stock photo, as you said. I have looked at that particular bead several times but will not order now. Not sure I will take the chance on other beads either!


    • Tia says:

      Hey Cheryl! I haven’t contacted Soufeel, but I probably should. Two of my IG followers also have this murano and have also commented that the real thing is blue (not purple like the stock image). I’ll try to contact Soufeel and see what they say.


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