Halia by Metalsmiths Sterling™

Today’s post is a review of Halia Beads by Metalsmiths Sterling™.

Metalsmiths Sterling are a Canadian company with stores across North America. They have a wide range of jewelry for all genders, but the collection that I’m most interested in is their European style charm beads named Halia Beads.

Halia Beads are made of sterling silver and feature large non-threaded cores which makes them compatible with Pandora and other similar brands. The beads are really cute and mostly represent hobbies and interests. I have to say that the stock images on the Metalsmiths website really don’t do the beads justice as they are significantly better in person.

Right now, the beads are all $15 (CAD) each. They’re very affordable and very well-made so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Here are a few of my favorites:


Mojito on the Beach, Time for Change, Pharaoh's Mask, Travelin' Van, and Pineapple

Mojito on the Beach, Time for Change, Pharaoh’s Mask, Travelin’ Van, and Pineapple

I hope these live images allow you to see that these beads truly are fantastic. Honestly, I don’t know why some brands show ugly stock images on their sites. I hate to think that those photos were taken and then heavily edited by “professionals”, and that’s how they ended up looking hilariously crappy. :-O

Let me know in the comments what you think about these beads or if you have any questions!

— T

2 thoughts on “Halia by Metalsmiths Sterling™

  1. Martha says:

    Those are really cute! I don’t know why companies use weird looking stock images either. Sometimes they look like computer generated pictures and so it’s very difficult to know what the beads will actually look like in hand.

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