Persona Summer Sale

The Persona summer sale is on right now and the deals are phenomenal. For a limited time, you can save up to 70% on a selection of beads when you order from their website — (US) or (Canada).


Persona summer sale

I did spot a number of beads that I want from the sale, but I *tried* to be disciplined about my spending. I ordered four beads; two for me and two for a friend. Here are the two that I ordered for myself:


Persona Dim Sum and Nigiri Sushi

Another thing I want to mention is that Peoples Jewellers or Zales carries the Persona line as well. While they don’t run the same promos as the Persona website, they often have retired/retiring beads on sale so they’re worth checking out. For example, I recently bought ‘Pawsitively Love’ for 50% off at Peoples Jewellers while it’s still full price on the Persona website.


‘Pawsitively Love’ – so darned cute!

I’ve had people ask if Persona’s beads will fit on their Pandora bracelets and the answer is yes. :) The beads are very similar to Pandora beads in terms of size and quality, and the cores aren’t threaded. I love how the brand isn’t predictable and they have some fun, unusual beads like this poop emoji bead (LOL):


Poop Emoji

To conclude and if it’s not obvious enough already, I really like Persona and I’m happy to recommend the brand to others. On my Instagram, I follow a number of people who also have Persona beads and they also say positive things about the brand.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Persona. :)

— T

2 thoughts on “Persona Summer Sale

    • beadeterian says:

      Hey there!
      The dim sum bead is retired now. However, Persona does sales every once in a while and they typically bring back some of the retired designs at discounted prices. I get the feeling that they will be doing something for Black Friday so keep an eye on their website around that time!


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