Persona Flexi Bangle

As a collector of modular charm/bead jewelry, I have accumulated a decent number of bracelets and bangles over the past few years. While bracelets are great, I have to say that I prefer bangles. Bangles are easy to assemble, easy to put on, and most of them don’t require clips and safety chains like bracelets do.

My favorite bangle is the Persona Flexi Bangle which I’ve owned for about 3 years. It comes with two silicone lined stoppers and has one ball end that twists off so you can put beads on it.

Flexi Bangle ball end

Flexi Bangle ball end

Why is this one my favorite out of all the charm bangles out there? Here are a few reasons why:

1. As the name suggests, the bangle is flexible so you can adjust it to fit your wrist. As someone with small wrists, most bangles don’t fit me very well. The Flexi Bangle, however, is perfect for me.

Persona Flexi Bangle (adjusted to fit)

Persona Flexi Bangle (adjusted to fit)

2. You can put Trollbeads on it, which means that beads from most other brands will also fit on it. (Note that Pandora Essence and Thomas Sabo Karma Beads will NOT fit on this bangle.)

Flexi Bangle with Trollbead

Flexi Bangle with Trollbead

3. You can style the Flexi Bangle in different ways. Wear it with beads in the center or with beads on the cuff ends.

4. I’ve found that the Persona bangle doesn’t flip around on my wrist and its stoppers do a good job of keeping the beads on display at the top of the wrist. It’s unlike the Trollbeads bangle which sometimes pinches my wrist as it moves around or the Pandora bangle which tends to flip all the beads towards the inside of my wrist.

Trollbeads, Pandora, and Persona bangles

Trollbeads, Pandora, and Persona bangles

I personally think that if you’re looking for a charm bangle that’s the most versatile, then you should consider the Persona Flexi Bangle. At least try it on at the store. They can be found at Zales or Peoples Jewellers.

I love this bangle and I wish they would make other variations such as a rose gold one or one with texture. You can never have too many, right? Haha…  By the way, I’ve also been looking at the Redbalifrog Twirl Bangle and the Ohm Beads Dirty Twisted Bangle… Somebody stop me.

Which one is your favorite?


One thought on “Persona Flexi Bangle

  1. Tamara Castro says:

    I also, have one of these bracelets. Unfortunately, my ball fell off my bracelet somehow. I’ve been searching ONLINE to either replace the ball or the bracelet itself. I CANNOT find either. Do you know where I can order from???


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