Bling Jewelry Charm Beads

I’ve been wanting to do a review on Bling Jewelry’s charm beads for a while. Now that I have a few of their beads, I feel like I can write a proper review. I first discovered them on Amazon when I was looking for midi rings, but soon found that they have charm beads as well. I went to their website where they have an even larger selection. The company is based in the US.

So far, I’ve made a few purchases from their site which includes:

  • two Moonstone spacers
  • Fortunate Kitty
  • Magic Unicorn
  • Precious Portobello

All of their beads are Pandora-compatible so you can pop ’em onto any of your European-style charm bracelets.

Bling Jewelry with Pandora

Bling Jewelry with Pandora

The beads are well-made and very polished. The one criticism I have is that the beads feel light which indicates to me that they don’t use very much silver. But despite that, they certain don’t look cheap. In terms of size, they’re very similar to Pandora and other popular brands.

I find the beads to be really cute. As you browse through the site, you’ll see that some of the beads have live images while others only show stock images. Personally, I think they should offer live images for all the beads since that really helps me as an online shopper. If you’ve read my blog, then you’ll know my thoughts on stock images (i.e., they usually suck).

Here are some of my pictures to help you see what the beads really look like (click to enlarge):

I missed out on the Pandora moonstone spacers since they retired when I had just started collecting beads. Remember when Pandora used genuine stones instead of CZs? Those days are long gone… Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the Bling Jewelry Moonstone spacers. In the stock images, the stones appear to be bluish, but in person they’re more of a pale milky color. I don’t mind that though, since the spacers are more versatile that way.

I really wanted some cheerful beads to wear with my Ohm Beads Rainbowed. I was looking specifically for a unicorn and I couldn’t have found a cuter one than the Bling version. I also bought the Precious Portobello because it reminds me of Super Mario Bros. It has red enamel and CZ accents on it. I wish they had a version with green accents too, haha.

Another bead with red accents is the Fortunate Kitty, which is Bling’s version of the maneki-neko (a.k.a. Japanese lucky cat). I love this cat because he’s smiling and has both front paws up. It has the Chinese character “fu” (which means fortune) upside-down which actually bears a special meaning. (Google it if you’re curious!)

Shipping from the US to Canada was pretty fast and I haven’t had any issues with purchasing. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be ordering from Bling Jewelry again in the near future. They have so many things that I like!

If you’re looking for a discount, go to Bling Jewelry and sign up for their newsletter to get a 10% off code. Also, follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date on when they’re running promos.

— T

6 thoughts on “Bling Jewelry Charm Beads

  1. Alex V. says:

    Hi — thanks for such a fun useful review. The unicorn is adorable and I loved super Mario growing up and too think we need some more of those types of beads. It’s nice to see some reviews of lesser known brands ( I remember a few years back when I vowed to never cheat on Pandora haha) 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • beadeterian says:

      Hey Alex! Thank you for your comments! I love discovering the lesser-known brands as their designs tend to be more adventurous. Besides Pandora, what other brands are you currently collecting at the moment?


      • Alex says:

        Well I have a huge collection of ohm and this year I started to collect trollbeads, true beadz and elfbeads so between them there is quite a growing collection 😬 I have a couple less know brands like persona and some random ones from jewelry stores and yes I agree these lesser known brands tend to have more unique little quirky items and that is what draws me to them. You have such a great collection animal and little cute things


      • beadeterian says:

        Nice!!! All of those brands are fantastic. I’ve found myself increasingly interested in Ohm this year. I love the way they’re marketing the limited editions. I think their campaigns are quite brilliant! Oh, and thank you kindly for the compliment; I do tend to gravitate towards the cute and quirky beads. :)


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