Charmed Aroma Review

Okay, this post is not about charm beads at all. But if you like jewelry candles and bath bombs, or you’re at least curious about them, then please read on.

I must admit that I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about the concept of surprise jewelry hidden inside candles and bath products. I’ve seen some of these products here and there at gift shops and always thought that they seemed like a rip-off. Why would I buy a $40 candle that most likely contains a tacky piece of costume jewelry? Chances are it’s made of some mysterious metal alloy which might turn my skin green… No, thanks!

But then, I came across Charmed Aroma. They’re a Canadian company who offers international shipping to select countries. I “stalked” them for a while on Instagram and read reviews about their products. I became more and more intrigued as I looked through Instagram photos with their hashtag (#charmedaroma). Here’s what I personally found appealing about them:

  • Most of their jewelry is sterling silver. (Note: They have some that aren’t sterling silver and you’ll know from reading the product descriptions.)
  • Their prices seem fair. Most of the candles are around $30 while the bath bombs are under $20.
  • Their jewelry actually looks nice! I think they really do their research and try to bring in styles that are trendy.
  • The element of surprise. It’s always fun to find bling!
  • I’ve reached out to their customer support with a couple questions and they were very prompt, friendly, and helpful in responding to me.

I took advantage of a promo from early October and ordered a Harvest Pumpkin Candle and a Birthday Cake Bath Bomb – both of which contained rings. While each piece is a surprise, you do get to choose whether you want your surprise jewel to be a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

I found a gorgeous sterling silver and rose gold-plated ring from the bath bomb.

From the candle, I got a sterling silver ring set (yes, two rings). While the set isn’t really my style, I definitely don’t hate it. Just that it’s more traditional whereas I would prefer something contemporary.

Each piece of jewelry comes with its own code which you can look up on the Charmed Aroma site to appraise your jewelry. Personally, I’m not sure how these “appraisals” work. The valuations seem too high if you ask me. The rings that I got were appraised at $150 and $200. Realistically, I think if I were to purchase similar rings from a place like Winners or Marshalls, for example, they would probably be charging around $30 to $50 for these styles.

To conclude, I think these products are pretty fun. I would definitely treat myself to these once in a while and be getting some before Christmas as they make excellent stocking stuffers. I think most people would appreciate these, but they aren’t for everyone since some folks hate scented candles and bubble baths. Also, if you’re super duper picky about your jewelry, then this might not be your cup of tea.

Please comment below if you also like jewelry candles and bath bombs, or if you have questions!


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