Pandora Spring 2018 Collection

This is a review of the Enchanted Teapot, Cute Mouse, and Sparkling Snail – all from the Pandora Spring 2018 collection.

I decided to participate in Pandora’s March promo this year. Last year, we had pretty much the same promo as our friends in the US, but for this year, Pandora offered a different promo to its Canadian customers. With a minimum spend of $150 (before taxes), you get to choose an item that is $65 or less. The free item cannot be from the Disney line or the new Shine (yellow gold-plated) line, but you can purchase items from those two lines to qualify for the promo. If your free item is over $65, then you pay the difference. (All these rules are kind of silly, if you ask me, but I didn’t make ’em.)

Both my mum and I picked up some pieces. I have to admit I wasn’t super excited about the new Spring collection as half of it looks like they were made for 5 year olds. But I did end up getting the Enchanted Teapot as it’s mostly silver with only a tiny bit of enamel and CZ detail on the lid.

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First of all, the new teapot is chunky and kind of heavy for a charm! It’s not flimsy as they didn’t hollow out the inside to use less silver. Secondly, I’m impressed that they could put so much detail into one charm. Just look at the flowers and vines! And can you spot the teeny tiny birdie on the spout?

Enchanted Teapot with Retired Teacup & Saucer

I’m glad that the new teapot looks good with my retired Teacup & Saucer charm. I was worried that I would feel compelled to get the new Enchanted Teacup as well, but I didn’t.

My mum picked up the Cute Mouse and Sparkling Snail. My dad’s nickname for her is “Snail” as she is slow at making decisions. :| Oddly, she has come to embrace that nickname. LOL… The snail charm doesn’t sit up straight so I put it on a bangle to take some pictures. It’s CZ encrusted with a smooth plain silver shell. It has two pale pink CZ eyes.

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My mum wasn’t planning to get the Cute Mouse, but when she saw that its little tail moves, she just had to have it. It’s a simple charm that doesn’t have a lot of detail on it, but it’s super cute and I even thought about getting it for myself as a companion for my Curious Cat charm.

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As Pandora moves towards making pieces that tend to incorporate more and more CZ and enamel, it’s getting harder to find charms that are mostly silver. I personally don’t mind a little bit of CZ or enamel here and there as long as it complements the design.

Did you participate in the North American promos and/or pick up any new pieces from the new Spring release? Please share in the comments below!


One thought on “Pandora Spring 2018 Collection

  1. Christine O’Neill says:

    This is my first time viewing your (Blog, tweet, site, etc) and I’m happy to have stumbled into it! Your descriptions of the Beads are very detailed and I love that, plus you added the pics and videos! The one site that I do follow for pandora doesn’t do that! I’m already looking forward to reading more! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night!


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