Persona Flexi Bangle

As a collector of modular charm/bead jewelry, I have accumulated a decent number of bracelets and bangles over the past few years. While bracelets are great, I have to say that I prefer bangles. Bangles are easy to assemble, easy to put on, and most of them don't require clips and safety chains like bracelets … Continue reading Persona Flexi Bangle


Review: Trollbeads Copper Bangle

***Updated Sep/13/2015 - Information about storing the copper bangle***  A few months ago, I first saw sneak peek images of the Trollbeads Copper Bangle on Endangered Trolls. I knew I had to get this bangle; it was only a matter of time. I have always admired the Trollbeads Silver Bangle, but was hesitant about purchasing … Continue reading Review: Trollbeads Copper Bangle